The order of occupation when rent is by the day


  1. You meet our representative at an apartment according to a stated address.
  2. You must have your passport with you.
  3. On occupation you pay for the whole term of staying + << deposit insurance – 300 hrv» (for the key and property in a flat).
  4. Deposit is returned when you leave the apartment and give back the key.
  5. If you cause material damage or (and) break the rules of renting, deposit is not returned.
  6. Payment hour is 12.00.
  7. Leaving from 12.00 till 5.00 p.m. is paid as for a half of a day (and night), leaving after 5.00 p.m. is paid as for 24 hours.
  8. On occupation it is necessary that you fix the terms of staying.
  9. If you want to prolong the term of a rent, you should let us know in advance for 24 hours, otherwise we have right to refuse on prolongation.


We don’t let apartments by the day for giving birthday parties, holidays and corporate parties. We let apartments for living only!!!!

Apartments in Dnepropetrovsk by the day is not a place for holiday, but for living in comfortable conditions