Information Restaurant, Bar Charlie
Address Yavornitskogo str., 6, Center (Nagornyi – Gagarin Avenue)
descend from Oktyabrskaya square to the Shevchenko park , a corner from skv. Shevchenko
Phone (0562) 46-52-19
Hours 00-24
cuisine European, Italian, French, Japanese
Price bracket: $$$
Information Restaurant, Bar, Musical club, Dancing club, Hotel, Zoo, Pub Bartolomeo
Address Naberezhnaya Pobedy str, 9-B, on the bank of the river Dnieper opposite the monument to Glory
Phone (056) 370-15-00, 337-332
Hours 00-24
cuisine European, Ukrainian, Russian, Japanese
Price bracket: $$$
Free-paid entrance every day except for Friday and Saturday
Information Restaurant, Bar Deja Vu
Address Karl Marks Avenue, 20, Center (Nagornyi – Gagarin Avenue) a corner from Oktyabrskaya square
Phone (056) 370-29-30
Hours 7-24
cuisine European, Georgian
Price bracket: $$$
Information Restaurant, Sport club, Beauty shop, Sauna tsunami
Address Oktyabrskaya square, 12, Center (Nagornyi – Gagarin Avenue), corner of Oktyabrskaya square and D. Donskogo str. Northeast side of the square.
Phone (056) 740-20-47
cuisine Price bracket: $$$$
Information Restaurant, Coffee house,Musical club, Dancing club Opera
Address Dzerzhinskogo str., 23, Center (Nagornyi – Gagarin Avenue)
Phone (056) 745-07-57, (067) 617-7777
Hours Restaurant 11:00-23:00 Mon-Sun. Coffee house 11:00-23:00 Mon-Thu, Sun, Fri, Sat – round-the-clock
cuisine European, Japanese, Author’s
Price bracket: $$$$
Information Japanese restaurant
Address Karl Marks Avenue, 17-А, Center (Nagornyi – Gagarin Avenue)
Phone (0562) 36-20-62
Hours 9 – 23
cuisine Japanese
Price bracket: $$
Information Restaurant
Address Karl Marks Avenue, 1, Center (Nagornyi – Gagarin Avenue)
Phone (0562) 726-50-21
Hours 0-24
cuisine European, Ukrainian, Russian, Author’s
Price bracket: $$$
Information Restaurant, Bar, Banquet hall, Holiday show programs, Professional topless,
Round clock car park.
Address Fuchyka str, 18, Center (Nagornyi – Gagarin Avenue)
Phone (0562) 46-62-22
Hours from 11 – Restaurant, 19-6 – topless
cuisine European, Ukrainian, Russian
Price bracket: $$$
Entrance fee: 20 hrv.