We have a very interesting and profitable proposition for the quests of our city – a rent of apartments by the day in Dnepropetrovsk.квартира на ул. Д.Донского

  • An apartment by the day in Dnepropetrovsk – we have been in this service for the quests of our city for already 4 years. Over this period we have won our client’s trust providing them with apartments by the day of a high-level qualitative service. We would like to see our clients to be always satisfied with our level of service and strive for it by all means. Cooperation with our business partners we try to build on principals of mutual trust and respect. Our activity has deserved rather many positive responses and appreciations from our “quests”. The best criteria to evaluate our work are constant visitors, good responses and recommendations of partners and the people who used our service.
  • Dnepropetrovsk receives thousands of visitors every day. People on a business trip, businessmen, tourists – Dnepropetrovsk is visited by different categories of people with different purposes of coming. But for all visitors the most urgent problem is the problem connected with accommodation. Not everybody meets happily a perspective to stay in a hotel – for somebody it is too expensive, others don’t satisfied with hotel’s service.
  • We offer all quests an extra comfortable way out of the situation – rent of apartments by the day. We cooperate tightly with organizations giving accommodation to their colleagues on a business trip and business partners. We guarantee that all apartments we let by the day in Dnepropetrovsk have comfortable conditions to live in, qualitative repair and provided with all necessary amenities. We are glad to see any client not depending on whether he needs an apartment for a day or for longer term. Skilled personal will take care of all rented apartments by the day in Dnepropetrovsk will be kept in ideal order. Professional housemaids keep perfect conditions of our apartments that guarantee cleanness and comfort in the occupied apartment. To our clients’ service, dispatching office is available which receives orders for customers and reservation apartments by the day in Dnepropetrovsk every day from 8 a.m. till 11p.m.

квартира на пр. Гагарина
What advantages provides a rented apartment by the day in Dnepropetrovsk in compare with other variants of accommodation in our city?

  • First of all, rent of apartments by the day ensures full independence of living. For some period you become a rightful “owner” and can enjoy quite home space. In most cases the space in hotels is deprived of comfort and doesn’t stimulate relaxation. Each apartment by the day in Dnepropetrovsk we can offer is provided with all necessary amenities, domestic appliances, kitchen dishes and bed cloth. You can cook usual for you food by yourself and use domestic appliances for your needs.
  • An attractive factor for our clients is that, taking into account level of comfort, prices for our services are much less than in hotels. Cozy atmosphere is likely to provide you with quite and comfortable living.  Welcome to our city, forget that you are quest and make your visit simply comfortable and unforgettable!!!